Actor / Theatre Director
photo: Andrea Gamst

photo: Andrea Gamst

  • Stockholm Academy of Dramatic arts: Master´s Degree Acting 2011/2012 "The Autonomous Actor"
  • Norwegian Theatre Academy: Bachelor in Acting 2006-2009


Theatre plays in selection

- The Tribe, actor/creator, Teaterhuset Avantgarden, 2016

-  I Cloni by Lisa Lie/PONR, actor/co-creator, 2016

- The Water Station, by Ota Shogo, dir. by Phillip Zarilli, Nordland teater 2015

- The Expression of the Emotions, actor/creator, 2013-2014

- Blue Motell by Lisa Lie/PONR, actor/co-creator, Trøndelag Teater/Blackbox Theatre.

- The Dispute by Marivaux, dir. Yannis Houvardas, actor: Mesrin, The National Theatre of Norway.

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