Actor / Theatre Director



There are 4-5 unprepared performers on a proscenium stage. They do not know anything about the performance. This is made explicit as we see how they partake in what seems like an audio guide book on the acting technique of expressing 6 emotions on from passages in Charles Darwin´s The Expressions of the Emotions and Paul Ekman´s work on facial expressions. The audience follows the performers as they try to act on a series of instructions on how to move their face and body to express their emotions realistically. Paradoxes and contradictions emerge as performer some times fail, and also as we all of a sudden find ourselves feeling genuinely sad and empathetic for someone who is just following choreographic instructions or amused for no particular reason other than that the performer is smiling because he was just told how to fake a correct smile realistically. The audience become engaged as they almost unconsciously follows the instructions themselves. The number of performers can vary from 4- 120. It was first envisioned as a franchise were a theater could order a CD and play it live for the first time, without the involvement of the creators, but is now run live by an artist on stage.


Duration: 2 x 25 min. (two different pieces á 25 min)

Minimum technical requirements: Sound rig

Concept: Ivar Furre Aam

Created by: Ivar Furre Aam and Tryggvi Gunnarsson

Performed by: 4 unknowing performers

Co-produced by: Teaterhuset Avant Garden (TAG)

Supported by: The Norwegian Arts Council

Performed by: Ingvild Holte Bygdnes, Per Erik Walslag, Sigmund Størset, Ivar Furre Aam, Tryggvis Gunnarsson, Naja Lee Jensen, Magnus Myrh, Elisabeth Breen Berger, Rebekka Nystadbakk a.o.


Presented at:

Teaterhuset Avant Garden - Trondheim Norway - December 2011

Mind the Gap Festival, Scenehuset - Oslom Norway - December 2011

Black Box Teater - Oslo, Norway - Spring 2012

Reykjavik International Dance Festival - Iceland - 2013


Upcoming event:

Applying for developing the concept into a 60 min ++ piece.